Apiomerus geniculatus

Bee Assassin

Apiomerus sp., Bee Assassin, image from Guyana


Family: Reduviidae

Subfamily: Apiomerinae

Tribe: Apiomerini


Bugs in tribe Apiomerini collect plant resins on their forelegs, and these sticky substances help the bugs capture their insect prey.

In genus Apiomerus the females also put some of the resin on their abdominal venters, then transfer the resins to their egg masses. The resin functions to prevent a drying out of the eggs, while also discouraging predators. The hatchlings take the resin from the egg mass and transfer it to their forelegs to ensure success in their first hunt (Forero et al., 2011).

Photo location: Along the Rupununi River, Guyana.

Bee Assassin Bug, Apiomerus sp., Guyana photo

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