Banasa lenticularis

Stink Bug

Banasa lenticularis, Stink bug image from Guayne


Family: Pentatomidae

Subfamily: Pentatominae

Tribe: Pentatomini

Length: 7 - 11 mm


Banasa is a genus made up of about 80 named species, as well as various undescribed ones and some undoubtedly still waiting to be discovered. The genus is found from southern Canada to Argentina.

Banasa lenticularis has a glossy green head, pronotum, and scutellum; the head lacks dorsal punctations. The species ranges from Florida to northern South America, and across the Caribbean (Thomas and Yonke, 1988).

Photo location: Montagne de Kaw, French Guiana.

Determined by Dr. Donald B. Thomas, USDA Agricultural Research Service.

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