Edessa rufomarginata

Red-bordered Stink Bug

Edessa rufomarginata, Red-bordered Stink Bug

Family: Pentatomidae

Subfamily: Edessinae

Tribe: Edessini

Length: bug in photo 18.2 mm


This species ranges from Mexico to Argentina, and can be an important pest of crops, particularly those in the nightshade family (potato, tobacco, and eggplant, for example).

Females usually lay 14 eggs in two rows of 7. The mother does not guard the eggs; hatching occurs within 7-10 days. Nymphs are gregarious until the third instar, when they scatter across the host plant (Silva and Oliveira, 2010).

Adults have several methods of defense, including a display of vigorous antennal shaking, retreating to a sheltered place, dropping and hiding in leaf litter, flying, and secreting repulsive chemicals.

Camponotus ants have been observed tending the nymphs, tapping on their abdomens and feeding on the honeydew droplets the nymphs produce.

Assassin bugs of genus Heniartes have been seen feeding on both nymphs and adults of E. rufomarginata. Pheidole spp. ants have been observed feeding on the eggs, and Scelionine wasps parasitize the eggs.

Photo location: Novo Airão, Amazonas, Brazil.

Edessa rufomarginata, family Pentatomidae

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