Edessa spec. nov.

Stink Bug

Edessa sp., Stink Bug image from Honduras, Pentatomidae

Family: Pentatomidae

Subfamily: Edessinae

Tribe: Edessini


The bug shown here was attracted to lights, in Pico Bonito National Park, Honduras.

Edessa is a very large, mostly tropical genus. One of two species that makes it into the southern United States is Edessa florida.

As with other plant-eating stink bugs, in Edessa eggs are laid on the host plant; first instar nymphs feed on the egg-shells and the liquid in them, but not on plant juices. Nymphs remain aggregated during the second and often the third instar, but gradually disperse over the plant. Edessa is a highly diverse genus; some, like the one shown here, have shoulder projects that may make them difficult for vertebrate predators to swallow. Overall the genus is considered economically harmful, as many species feed on crop plants.

As speciose as this genus is, the one shown here is an undescribed species, near Edessa pictiventris. It has been collected in Costa Rica by Dr. José Fernandes and is awaiting description.

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