Heza sp.

Assassin Bug

Heza sp., Assassin Bugs, images from Guyana


Family: Reduviidae

Subfamily: Harpactorinae

Tribe: Harpactorini

Length: bug in photo 17 mm


Assassin Bugs in the genus Heza have their fore-femora much stouter than their mid- and hind-femora. They often hold these out in front, as in the photos.

Heza is similar to Rocconota but the latter genus bears a characteristic fold (ridge) on the mesopleuron.

Heza is one of at least 12 genera of Harpactorini that possess glands on their legs that produce a sticky substance useful in capturing prey. Only genus Heza has these glands plate-like in structure (Zhang and Weirauch, 2013).

Photo location: Along the Rewa River, Guyana.

Assassin Bug, Heza sp., Guyana photo

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