Micrauchenus lineola

Termite Assassin

Micrauchenus lineola, Termite Assassin, Guyana image


Family: Reduviidae

Subfamily: Apiomerinae

Length: 14 - 19 mm


Tribe Apiomerini is made up of 13 genera including the monospecific Micrauchenus.

Fabricius described Micrauchenus lineola from Cayenne (French Guiana) in 1787.

While most Assassin Bugs feed on a variety of prey, Micrauchenus lineola appears to feed only on termites. The nymphs of different instars of this species have been found in termite nest galleries, where they seem to be well tolerated by their hosts.

Bérenger and Pluot-Sigwalt (2009) give these traits that separate M. lineola from other members of the tribe: "short and convex head, right maxillary stylets strongly barbed, absence of tarsal sulcus on the forelegs."

Range: Colombia to French Guiana.

Photo location: Rewa Village, Guyana.

Determined by: Dr. Dimitri Forero, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

Termite Assassin, Micrauchenus lineola, photo from Guyana