Myodocha serripes

Long-necked Seed Bug

Myodocha serripes, Rhyparochromidae, Seed Bugs



Family: Rhyparochromidae

Subfamily: Rhyparochrominae

Tribe: Myodochini

Length: 8.0 - 9.5 mm


Myodocha serripes may be found under dead leaves and under rocks; it can also be collected by sweep netting grasses and weeds. The species is attracted to lights, too.

Larivière and Larochelle called the species "eurytopic," able to adapt to a variety of conditions and habitats. These include "fields, lawns, roadsides, river-banks, clearings, edges of woods, open deciduous woods, on wet or dry soil, with varied density and kinds of low vegetation." They added that Myodocha serripes prefers clearings and meadows, "but tolerates open woodlands provided that sunlight reaches the low vegetation."

This adaptable species not only accepts a number of different kinds of habitats. It is also polyphagous, feeding on a variety of foods. Larivière and Larochelle point out that since Myodocha serripes is both eurytopic and polyphagous, it is not surprising that it has a large range (see map below).

Rhyparochromidae, Myodocha srripes head and thorax, Seed Bug

Map, Myodocha serripes, Long-necked Seed Bug

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