Nematopus indus

Leaffooted Bug

Nematopus indus, Leaffooted Bug, French Guiana image



Family: Coreidae

Subfamily: Coreinae

Tribe: Nematopodini

Length: 20 mm


The key traits of tribe Nematopodini are:  Head somewhat rectangular.  Front and mid-femora at least a little dilated.  Hind femora markedly dilated (more so in males).  The front femora with two apical spines on the ventral surface.  The abdomen not spined ventrally (Baranowski and Slater, 1986).

Brailovsky and Barrera (2003) reported that the genus Nematopus "is found primarily in the tropical and subtropical regions of the western hemisphere."

In genus Nematopus the hind tibiae are not dilated, and seem quite thin compared with the massive femora.

Photo locations: Sentier de Bagne des Annamites, French Guiana, upper photo; along the Rupununi River, Guyana, middle photo; Brokopondo district, Suriname, bottom photo.

Determined by Dr. Harry Brailovsky Alperowitz, Colección Nacional de Insectos, Mexico.

Leaf-footed Bugs, Nematopus indus image

Leaf-footed Bugs, Nematopus indus photo

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