Pellaea stictica

Stink Bug

Pellaea stictica, Stink Bug image from Costa Rica

Family: Pentatomidae

Subfamily: Pentatominae

Tribe: Pentatomini

Females 15 mm; males 11-12 mm


Pellaea stictica is a reddish-brown stink bug with yellow dots and some metallic green reflections.  The underside is pale with dark spots, including some on the spiracles.  The species ranges from Texas south to Argentina. Eggs and nymphs of P. stictica have been collected from privet, Ligustrum lucidum.

Pellaea stictica is found from Mexico (Oaxaca and Yucatán) to Argentina. It apparently has been collected at least once in Texas.

The only other species in the genus is P. santarosensis described by Rolston (1984) from Costa Rica.

Photo location: Cartago province, Costa Rica.

Determined by Dr. Donald B. Thomas, USDA Agricultural Research Service.

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