Repipta lepidula

Small-scaled Assassin Bug

Repipta lepidula, Small-scaled Assassin Bug, French Guiana image


Family: Coreidae

Subfamily: Harpactorinae

Tribe: Harpactorini


The specific epithet is Greek and means small scales, a reference to the pale scales on the sides of the pronotum.

This species had previously been recorded from Brazil and Peru; this image from near the northern coast of South America helps clarify the species' apparently large range.

Photo location: Réserve naturelle Trésor, French Guiana.

Determined by Dr. Abdiel Martín-Park,  Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán.

Small-scaled Assassin Bug, Repipta lepidula, photo from Guyane (French Guiana)

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