Rhyparochromid Seed Bugs

Family Rhyparochromidae

This group was formerly subfamily Rhyparochrominae within the Seed Bug family (Lygaeidae). The Nearctic tribes formerly in Lygaeidae that are included in the new family are: Plinthisini, Lethaeini, Antillocorini, Drymini, Ozophorini, Udeocorini, Myodochini (which has the most genera), Rhyparochromini, Megalonotini, Gonianotini, and Stygnocorini.

Important characters of the Rhyparochromid Seed Bugs include front femora that are swollen and that usually bear teeth. Also, there are usually two stout setae near the eyes. The ocelli are close together.

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Ozophora picturata
Ozophora sp.
Heraeus plebejus
Myodocha serripes

≈ Neopamera sp.

Paromius longulus
Pseudopachybrachius basalis

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