Stenocoris (Stenocoris) sp.

Rice Bug

Stenocoris (Stenocoris) sp., Rice Bug, photo from Brazil


Family: Alydidae

Subfamily: Micrelytrinae

Tribe: Leptocorisini

Length: bug in photo 13 mm


These elongate members of the Broad-headed Bug family feed on grasses.  In the Old World they can be pests of rice.  In this genus the two paraclypei are longer than the clypeus, and meet at the anterior edge of the head.  The pronotum is fairly flat.  Pinned specimens may lose their green color.

The bug shown here appears to be in subgenus Stenocoris, rather than the other subgenus found in Brazil, Oryzocoris.

Photo location: Novo Airão, Amazonas state, Brazil.

Determined by Dr. Carl Schaefer, professor emeritus, University of Connecticut.

Rice Bug, Stenocoris (Stenocoris) sp., Brazil image

Rice Bug, Stenocoris (Stenocoris) sp., detail of head

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