Agelaia pallipes

Paper Wasp

Agelaia pallipes, Paper Wasp, French Guiana image


Family: Vespidae

Subfamily: Polistinae

Tribe: Epiponini

Length: wasp in photo 12.6 mm to apex of abdomen


Agelaia is the second-largest genus in the tribe Epiponini. Like other Epiponini, Agelaia form nests through swarming.

Agelaia pallipes is a yellow wasp with black markings.  The clypeus is completely yellow.  The antenna is brown; its scape is brown above, and brick-colored below.  The legs are entirely yellow.  The wings are hyaline with yellow veins; the costal region of the forewings are also yellowish.  These wasps spend much of their time hunting; the predominant prey item is caterpillars..

Another member of the genus, Agelaia vicina, holds the record for wasp nest size, with one nest in Brazil having 7.5 million cells and another Brazilian nest housing more than one million mature wasps (Zucchi et al., 1995).

Photo location: Réserve naturelle Trésor, French Guiana.

Determined by Dr. James M. Carpenter, American Museum of Natural History.

Agelaia pallipes, Polistinae, anterior end

Agelaia pallipes, Polistinae, posterior end

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