śCaenaugochlora cf. costaricensis

Sweat Bee

śCaenaugochlora cf. costaricensis, Sweat Bee image from El Salvador, Sweat Bee in family Halictidae, El Salvador image


Family: Halictidae

Subfamily: Halictinae

Tribe: Halictini


Michener and Kerfoot (1967) studied the habits of Caenaugochlora costaricensis, and reported the species to be semisocial. Nests are constructed in earthen banks; about two-thirds of the nests are built and guarded bylone females. In some cases nests are later reused and enlarged by a group of bees (apparently sisters) that work together.

Photo location: Suchitoto, El Salvador.

Determined by Dr. Claus Rasmussen, Denmark.


Sweat Bee (Halictidae), Neocorynura sp., El Salvador photo

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