Eulaema marcii or E. pseudocingulata

Orchid Bee

Eulaema marcii or E. pseudocingulata, dorsal view (Euglossini)

Family: Apidae

Subfamily: Apinae

Tribe: Euglossini

Length: bee in the photo 25 mm to wing apex


The orchid bees are a Neotropical tribe, with one member (Euglossa dilemma) that has also become established in Florida.

The bee shown here is one of two very similar species, eitherEulaema marcii or E. pseudocingulata.

Photo location: Novo Airão, Brazil.

Determined by Dr. John S. Ascher, National University of Singapore.

Orchid bee, Eulaema marcii or E. pseudocingulata (Apinae: Euglossini)

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