Florilegus cf. purpurascens

Long-horned Bee

Florilegus cf. purpurascens, Long-horned Bee, image from Paracas, Peru


Family: Apidae

Subfamily: Apinae

Tribe: Eucerini


The common name of tribe Eucerini, Long-horned Bee, refers to the males' long antennae.

Genus Florilegus is found in the United States, east to the West Indies, and south to Argentina. The genus contains 11 species. These bees feed on flowers of legumes, mints, milkweeds, and other groups (Griswold et al., in Hanson and Gauld, 2006).

Florilegus species have modest iridescent reflections on the dorsum. They are also characterized by maxillary palpi of 5 segments (Michener, 2000).

Photo notes: This female bee had its portrait made in Paracas, Pisco province, Peru.

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