Hoplomutilla sp.

Spherical-eyed Velvet Ant

Hoplomutilla sp., image from Guyana


Family: Mutillidae

Subfamily: Sphaeropthalminae

Length: wasp in the photo 12 mm


Wasps in Mutillidae develop as ectoparasites in the nests of other Hymenoptera; in the case of Hoplomutilla the hosts are bees (Apidae: Apinae).

Genus Hoplomutilla is in subfamily Sphaeropthalminae, a group characterized by eyes that are spherical and protuberant. The eyes have a smooth, uniform appearance; individual facets are essentially impossible to discern (Brothers, in Hanson and Gauld, eds., 2006).

Members of genus Hoplomutilla are found from Nicaragua to northern Argentina.

Photo data: 20 May 2013. Along the Rupununi River, Guyana.

GPS data: 3.839, -58.791. Elevation 90 meters.

Spherical-eyed Velvet Ant, Hoplomutilla sp., Guyana photo