Joppa sp.

Ichneumon Wasp

Ichneumonid wasp, Joppa sp., from Nicaragua



Family: Ichneumonidae

Subfamily: Ichneumoninae

Tribe: Ichneumonini

Length: wasp in photo 12 mm to the tip of the abdomen


Dr. Gavin Broad comments that Joppa spp. are chunky, often brightly colored wasps. Their life history is largely unknown, though other members of the subfamily are parasitic on Lepidoptera pupa or late-instar caterpillars.

This venerable genus was named by Fabricius in 1804. It is a speciose genus found only in the Neotropics.

Photo location: Matagalpa province, Nicaragua.

Determined by Dr. Gavin Broad, Natural History Museum, London.

Joppa sp. image from Central America, Ichneumonini

Wasp grooming antennae, Joppa sp., Ichneumoninae

Above: Grooming the antennae

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