Trigona muzoensis

Stingless Bee

 Trigona muzoensis, Stingless Bee on orchid

Family: Apidae

Subfamily: Apinae

Tribe: Meliponini


The common name is misleading, since this is certainly not the only group of bees that do not sting. These "Stingless Bees" in the tribe Meliponini do have a stinger, but it is too small to actually be deployed for defense. To make up for this deficiency, Meliponine bees are more than willing to bite.

For centuries Stingless Bees have been domesticated in the Neotropics for honey production. In recent times this practice has declined as the keeping of Apis meliifera has increased.

Photo location: Pico Bonito National Park, Honduras.

Determined by Dr. John S. Ascher, National University of Singapore.

Trigona muzoensis stingless bee, lateral view, Honduras image

Trigona muzoensis, face, stingless bees, Honduras image

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