Waldheimia sp.

Waldheim's Sawfly

Waldheimia sp., Waldheim's Sawfly, Guyana image


Family: Tenthredinidae

Subfamily: Blennocampinae



The life history of several species of Waldheimia are fairly well known. The females deposit the legs within a leaf, and the larvae feed gregariously during their development. Typically they feed from the tip, moving toward the petiole, and leave some of the larger leaf veins uneaten. When not feeding they rest while crowded together on the underside of the leaf (Smith, in Hanson and Gauld, eds., 2006).

Waldheimia spp. have been collected on plants in the genera Cissus and Hamelia (Smith and Janzen, 2003).

The genus ranges from the southwestern United States to northern Argentina. About 100 species have been described.

Photo location: Rewa Village, central Guyana.


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