Diaphania hyalinata

Melonworm Moth

Diaphania hyalinata, Pyraustine Snout Moth (Melonworm), image from Colombia


Family: Crambidae

Subfamily: Pyraustinae

Tribe: Spilomelini

Wingspan: 27 - 31 mm


The most commonly used larval host plans are squashes and gourds in the genus Cucurbita. Less-used hosts are related plants such as cantaloupe, watermelon, and cucumber.

Diaphania hyalinata is widely distributed in Central and South America and in the West Indies. In the United States it is present year-round in southern Florida and southern Texas; during the warmer months it is also found in more northern states.

Photo location: Magdalena department, Colombia.

The sequence of three photos below shows the moth "fanning" out pheromones using the hairpencils (specialized structures at the tip of the abdomen).

Photo location: Magdalena department, Colombia.

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