Dyspteris abortivaria

The Bad-wing

Dyspteris abortivaria, The Bad-wing, tribe Lobophorini

Family: Geometridae

Subfamily: Larentiinae

Tribe: Lobophorini

Wingspan: 20 - 28 mm


This moth is not easily confused with others, with its blue-green coloration and its unusual posture. Larvae are found on grape and adults are usually found near grape as well.

The forewing is considerably larger than the hindwing.  In pinning specimens, the hindwing of this species is difficult to pull into position, hence the common name, the Bad-wing.

Food plants are Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) and Black Cherry (Prunus serotina).

Dyspteris abortivaria is the only Nearctic species in the genus.  Parsons et al., writing in Scoble (1999) listed a total of twenty-two species in this genus.

Photo location: Moneta, Bedford County, Virginia.

Dyspteris abortivaria, Bad-wing Moth, Geometridae

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