Eupastranaia tumidifrons

Snout Moth

Pastranaia tumidifrons, Snout Moth in family Crambidae



Family: Crambidae

Subfamily: Midilinae

Wingspan: Midilinae


Pastranaia tumidifrons was first described by E. G. Munroe in 1970, from a specimen from Amazonas state, Brazil. In 1973, V. O. Becker provided a replacement name for the genus: Eupastranaia. The replacement name was needed because there was already a genus Pastranaia (in Neuroptera). 

Hepper (1995) listed three species, all Neotropical, for the genus: E. fenestrata, E. tumidifrons, and E. lilacina.

E. tumidifrons has been recorded from Colombia, Guyana, French Guiana, Brazil, and Peru.  The species is closely related to E. fenestra, but it differs having an inflated and dark-colored frons. E. tumidifrons has a more northerly distribution, while E. fenestra has been recorded from southern Brazil and from northern Argentina (Munroe, 1970).

Photo data: Montagne de Kaw, French Guiana.

Snout Moth in family Crambidae, Pastranaia tumidifrons, French Guiana

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