Hositea gynaecia

Snout Moth

Hositea gynaecia, Snout Moth, image from French Guiana (Guayne)


Family: Crambidae

Subfamily: Midilinae

Wingspan: 16 - 26 mm


Hositea gynaecia is found in Guyana, Surinam, French Guiana, and Trinidad.

This species was first described in 1910 by noted entomologist Harrison Gray Dyar, from a series of eleven moths collected in what is today Guyana.

H. cyanops (described by Munroe in 1970) is similar, but lacks the skinny black "tails" on the hindwing, structures that are most easily seen in the photo of H. gynaecia below.

Photo location: Montagne de Kaw, French Guiana.

Snout Moth, Hositea gynaecia, image from French Guiana

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