Nematocampa completa


Nematocampa completa, Filament-bearing Caterpillar Moth, Cassymini

Family: Geometridae

Subfamily: Ennominae

Tribe: Cassymini

Length of forewing: 7 - 16 mm in the genus


The common name of members of this genus (Filament-bearers) refers to the fantastic appendages of the caterpillars, which seem to mimic vines or tendrils or the young growth of a twig.

Nematocampa is a primarily Neotropical genus, with most species limited to the area from Mexico to Paraguay. There are about 25 described species and a number of undescribed ones; of these, three are North American and the rest Neotropical.

Nematocampa completa was first described from Ecuador in 1904.

Photo location: Boquete, Chiriquí province, Panama (upper photo); Leona Vicario, Quintana Roo, Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico (lower photo).

Nematocampa completa, Geometrid Moth image from the Yucatan

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