Stagmomantis cf. heterogamia

Praying Mantis

Stagmomantis cf. heterogamia, Praying Mantis

Family: Mantidae

Subfamily: Stagmomantinae

Tribe: Stagmomantini


The 27 species of Stagmomantis are found from the far south of the United States into northern South America. Usually they are green and somewhat plain.

In Stagmomantis heterogamia the pronotum is slender and elongated. The mantis shown here is most likely S. heterogamia, a juvenile male.

Stagmomantis (27 species) ranges across the temperate and tropical zones of North and South America. Some experts divide the genus into species groups, while others have split Stagmomantis into several separate genera. In either cases, separating the groups is difficult and gross morphology alone is not sufficient.

The mantis shown here is a female Stagmomantis cf. heterogamia, but ID to species is not possible from the photograph.

Photo location: Mountain Pine Ridge, Belize.

Determined by Julio Rivera, Royal Ontario Museum.

Praying Mantis, Stagmomantis cf. heterogamia

Stagmomantis cf. heterogamia, head and thorax of a Belize praying mantis