Stagmomantis sp.

Praying Mantis

Stagmomantis sp., Praying Mantis image from Belize

Family: Mantidae

Subfamily: Stagmomantinae

Tribe: Stagmomantini


Stagmomantis (27 species) ranges across much of the United States, Central American, and northern South America. Some experts divide the genus into species groups, while others have split Stagmomantis into several separate genera. In either case, separating the groups is difficult and gross morphology alone is not sufficient.

The mantis shown here is a female Stagmomantis sp., but ID to species is not possible from the photograph.

Photo location: Crooked Tree, Belize.

Determined by Julio Rivera, Royal Ontario Museum.

Another mantis from Belize shown on this site is Stagmomantis cf. heterogamia.

Praying mantis photo from Belize, Stagmomantis sp.