Climaciella brunnea

Brown Mantisfly

Climaciella brunnea, Mantisfly image from Honduras

Family: Mantispidae

Length: 25-30 mm

Climaciella (8 species) range from Canada to Argentina.

Climaciella brunnea has a robust body, a prothorax that is relatively short and thick, and a broad frons (Cannings and Cannings, 2006).

The adults of this species are Polistes wasp mimics. The immatures are parasites on spider eggs.

Climaciella brunnea is found from British Columbia to Quebec, and south to Costa Rica. The one shown here in the top three photos was enjoying its fly meal in Pico Bonito National Park, Honduras.

The bottom two photos were taken in West Virginia.

Brown Matisfly, Climaciella brunnea

Climaciella brunnea, Mantisfly face

Mantisfly Climaciella brunnea, rear-dorsal view, photo from West Virginia

Lateral view of the mantisfly Climaciella brunnea

Map, Climaciella brunnea

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