Leucochrysa insularis

Green Lacewing

Green Lacewings, Leucochrysa insularis


Family: Chrysopidae

Length: about 12 mm to apex of abdomen


Tauber reviewed the genus Leucochrysa in 2004, reducing the number of recognized species from twelve to seven. She reported that these lacewings are creatures of meadow and woodland. The larvae of all the Leucochrysa species are "trash carriers," attaching plant or animal materials to their backs to provide camouflage protection from predators.

This lacewing is light green, typically with brown markings on the abdomen. The antennae and palpi are pale yellowish. The pronotum is unmarked except for a pair of reddish, lateral-anterior spots. The wings are colorless with two prominent dark spots on each (and one less noticeable dark area).

Photo location: Ruraldale, West Virginia.

Determined by Dr. John Oswald, Texas A&M University.

Leucochrysa insularis, Lacewing head

Countries map, Leucochrysa insularis

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