Agriacris magnifica

Magnificent Lubber Grasshopper

Agriacris magnifica, Lubber Grasshopper from Ecuador



Family: Romaleidae

Family: Romaleinae

Tribe: Romaleini

Length: Males 28-37 mm to wingtip. Females 44-48 mm to wingtip


As revised by Roberts and Carbonell (1992), genus Agriacris contains nine species, found primarily in humid forests of northern South America. The authors erected a new genus, Staleochlora, for related species living in the Pampas and adjacent grasslands of southern South America.

The species shown here, Agriacris magnifica, is found in western Ecuador and in the far southwest of Colombia. Hebard first described the species in 1924, based on a male collected in Ecuador.

The ground color of the pronotum varies from individual to individual, and may be primarily green or primarily purple.

Females are invariably much larger than the males, and predominantly in shades of green, lacking the purple coloration or the prominent spots.

Photo location: Pichincha Province, Ecuador, near Santo Domingo de los Colorados. This location is on the lower western slopes of the Andes, just south of the equator.

Ecuador Lubber Grasshopper, Agriacris magnifica

On the map below, the pale yellowish band shows the area where Agriacris magnifica has been collected (data from Roberts and Carbonell (1992).

Map, Agriacris magnifica, Lubber Grasshopper

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