Dichromorpha viridis

Short-winged Green Grasshopper

Dichromorpha viridis, Short-winged Green Grasshopper, subfamily Gomphocerinae



Family: Acrididae

Subfamily: Gomphocerinae

Length: Males 14-22 mm. Females 23-30 mm


Dichromorpha viridis is found from Minnesota and Ontario to Cape Cod, south to Florida and New Mexico. In Mexico it is absent from the arid northwest, but present nearly as far south as the isthmus of Tehuantepec.

This species may be unicolorous, either green or brown. The males are sometimes of two colors, either as shown in the upper photo, or tan on the dorsum and darker brown on the sides as in the lower photo.

Wings are typically abbreviated: in females, they are about half as long as the abdomen. In males, wings are about three-quarters the length of the abdomen. Some individuals are especially long-winged, however (Capinera et al, 2004).

Dichromorpha viridis, Short-winged Green Grasshopper


Photo locations: Stonecoal Wildlife Management Area, Upshur County, West Virginia (upper photo); Smoke Hole, Pendleton County, West Virginia (lower photo).

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