Eumastax cf. vittata

Monkey Grasshopper

Eumastax cf. vittata, Monkey Grasshopper photo

Family: Eumastacidae

Subfamily: Eumastacinae

Tribe: Eumastacini

Length: grasshopper in the photos 19 mm


Members of the family Eumastacidae (Monkey Grasshoppers) are notable for having a high profile of the head—in lateral view, the head rises well above the thorax. Members of the family also have notably short antennae.

Their posture is also a good clue to their identity: the Monkey Grasshoppers routinely sit with the hind legs perpendicular to the body, looking almost like a miniature airplane as they sit on a leaf.

The Monkey Grasshoppers make are found only in the Neotropics.  The nearest relatives live in Australia.  They have a high tolerance for darkness in their forest habitats. 

Photo location: Amazonas state, Brazil.


Monkey Grasshopper, Eumastax cf. vittata image

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