Homeomastax sp.

Monkey Grasshopper nymph

Homeomastax sp., Monkey Grasshopper nymph

Family: Eumastacidae

Subfamily: Eumastacinae

Tribe: Eumastacini

Length: Males 9 - 12 mm; females 13 - 16 mm


Photo location: this immature grasshopper had its portrait made in Cartago province, Costa Rica.

This genus is similar to Eumastax, but differs in certain traits of the genitalia, and by having red at the apex of the hind femora in adults. The 14 species are found in Central America and on the Pacific slopes of Colombia and Ecuador. The grasshopper pictured is a nymph (note the undeveloped wings and drab coloration).

Homeomastax is the only genus of Eumastacinae found in Central America; the other 10 genera are exclusively South American.

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