Group Ophthalmolampae

Bactrophorine Grasshopper

Bactrophorinae, Group Ophthalmolampae, Grasshopper, Suriname photo


Family: Romaleidae

Subfamily: Bactrophorinae

Group: Ophthalmolampae


Grasshoppers in Bactrophorinae are primarily forest-dwellers, and many species are arboreal. The subfamily is made up of 36 genera. Most species are South American, though some are Central American or appear in both areas (Rowell, 2012).

Photo notes: on a tree trunk, tropical forest, Brokopondo district, Suriname.

Determined by Dra. Kátia Matiotti, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul.

Group Ophthalmolampae, Bactrophorine Grasshopper in the family Romaleidae, image from Suriname

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