Paratettix cucullatus

Hooded Pygmy Grasshopper

Paratettix cucullatus, Grouse Locust in family Tetrigidae



Family: Tetrigidae

Subfamily: Tetriginae

Length: 13-15 mm to wingtip


Paratettix cucullatus are often found near the water where they feed on algae. Their coloration is typically in browns and grays, and mottled.

As is the case with all Pygmy Grasshoppers, the front and middle tarsi have only two segments, while the rear tarsi have three.

Capinera et al. (2004) note that Pygmy Grasshoppers have no song or call, and in fact they lack auditory organs.

Paratettix cucullatus, Pygmy Grasshopper, Tetrigidae

Pygmy Grasshopper, Paratettix cucullatus, dorsal view

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