Bush Katydid nymphs

Bush Katydid nymphs in the subfamily Phaneropterinae, photo from Brazil


Family: Phaneropteridae

Subfamily: Phaneropterinae


The colorful nymphs on this page are Neotropical members of subfamily Phaneropterinae, perhaps in or near genus Scudderia.

Location for the first photo on this page: Along the Rio Negro, Amazonas state, Brazil.

Next two photos below: Along the Rupununi River, Guyana

Bush Katydid nymph, Phaneropterinae, Guyana photo

Bush Katydid nymph, Phaneropterinae, image from Guyana

Two photos below: Rewa Village, Guyana

Phaneropterinae, image from Guyana, Bush Katydid nymphs

Phaneropterinae, image from Guyana, Bush Katydid nymph

Location for the photo below: Pico Bonito National Park, Honduras

Scudderia sp. photo, Honduras nymph

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