Phyllopalpus pulchellus

Handsome Trig / Red-headed Bush Cricket

Phyllopalpus pulchellus, Handsome Trig, or Red-headed Bush Cricket



Family: Gryllidae

Subfamily: Trigonidiinae

Length: 7-9 mm


This species goes by the common name "Handsome Trig," with trig being the shortened name of the subfamily, and handsome coming from the Latin species name—and ultimately from the insect's jaunty coloration.

The Handsome Trig has the interesting habit of agitating its prominent black mouthparts when disturbed.

Look for Phyllopalpus pulchellus about one meter above the ground, on both herbaceous and woody plants.

Of the several species of Phyllopalus, P. pulchella is the only one found in the Nearctic. Its range extends from Michigan to Massachusetts, south to Texas and Florida. Sightings of the adults peak in August.

Photo notes: upper three photos from Ruraldale, Upshur County, West Virginia (the third shows a nymph); lowest photo from Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge, Pleasants County, West Virginia.

Phyllopalpus pulchellus, Handsome Trig head, Red-headed Bush Cricket

Nymph of Handsome Trig, Phyllopalpus pulchellus, West Virginia photo


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