Prionolopha serrata

Serrate Lubber Grasshopper



Family: Romaleidae

Family: Romaleinae

Tribe: Romaleini

Length: insect in photo 69 mm


Over much of its extensive range, this Neotropical insect is among the largest grasshoppers found in forest environments.  There is a great size disparity between the sexes however, with females much larger than the males.

Linneaus first described the species in 1758, placing it in the genus Gryllus.

Professor Lawrence Bruner of the University of Nebraska was a member of the Yale expedition to Peru in 1911.  Bruner was delighted to capture two females of Prionolopha serrata, and he called them "magnificent locusts" in his report (Bruner, 1913).

We have seen scattered records from Trinidad, French Guiana, Peru, Bolivia,  Brazil, and Paraguay. This species is not found in Central America or in the Nearctic.

Photo location: Sentier de Bagne des Annamites, French Guiana.

Serrate Lubber Grasshopper, Guyane (French Guiana), Prionolopha serrata

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