Stilpnochlora thoracica

Phaneropterine Katydid

Stilpnochlora thoracica, katydid, Belize photo


Family: Phaneropteridae

Subfamily: Phaneropterinae

Tribe: Steirodontini

Length: Males average 68 mm; females 78 mm


Stilpnochlora (16 species) is a genus of large Katydids distributed from Florida to Uruguay.

In S. thoracica the rear margin of the pronotum, and the rear half of the pronotal margins, are marked with a thin black line; nearby areas are dark brown. The femora are green, while the fore- and mid-tibiae are brownish.

Stilpnochlora thoracica is widespread in Mexico and Central America.

Photo location: Mountain Pine Ridge, Belize.

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