Tropidacris collaris

Collared Lubber Grasshopper

Tropidacris collaris


Family: Romaleidae

Subfamily: Romaleinae

Tribe: Romaleini

Length: Most are 90 - 130 mm


The range of Tropidacris collaris includes most of tropical South America east of the Andes region; this is one of the common grasshoppers of the Amazon basin.

Poderoso et al. (2013) reported an infestation of this species in Brazilian groves of Casuarina glauca, a tree raised for firewood and for making tool handles. One hundred percent of the trees in the grove were infested, and most were more than half defoliated. Nearby fruit trees, including citrus, mango, and papaya, were not infested by these grasshoppers.

Photo location: Novo Airão, Amazonas state, Brazil (upper three photos); Gran Chaco, Boquerón province, Paraguay (brown individual); Colakreek, Suriname (bottom photo).

Determined by Dr. Carlos S. Carbonell, Universidad de la República, Uruguay.


Tropidacris collaris image from the Gran Chaco, Paraguay

Tropidacris collaris, grasshopper photo from Suriname

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