Cerastipsocus venosus

Veined Barklouse

Cerastipsocus venosus, Veined Barklouse, image from West Virginia

Family: Psocidae

Subfamily: Psocinae


In Cerastipsocus venosus the forewing is uniformly dark, with yellow veins in the basal half. The pterostigma is typically white, but occasionally brown. Species similarly marked and colored are found in the Neotropics (Mockford, 1993).

Nymphs of Cerastipsocus venosus are often found clustered together on tree trunks (see bottom photo).

This species ranges from Quebec and Maine south to Florida. The western limits of the range are from Minnesota to Texas, and the species has also been recorded from Mexico (Mockford, 1993).

Photo location: Upshur County, West Virginia.

Veined Barklouse dorsal view, Cerastipsocus venosus

Cerastipsocus venosus, common barklice, face

Cerastipsocus venosus, immatures (nymphs), common barklice

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