Leistotrophus versicolor

Staphylinine Rove Beetle

Staphylininae rove beetle, Nicaragua

Family: Staphylinidae

Subfamily: Staphylininae

Length: beetle in photos about 16 mm


Leistotrophus versicolor, the sole member of its genus, was described in 1830 in Latin by the great student of Neotropical entomology, Joseph Anton Maximilian Perty.  It is found from Mexico to Brazil and Argentina.  Adults feed on flies at dung and carrion.  Males show the interesting behavior of chasing their mates away from the food source after copulation, apparently reducing the chance that another male will locate the female and mate with her.

Photo data: 3 January 2011. Selva Negra, Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Elevation 1000 meters.

Leistotrophus versicolor, Nicaragua image